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HawaiiSMS Is Moving!

Thanks to our new sponsor, the Spring Challenge will be held on PersonalFinanceLab.com - still free for all Hawaii schools!

The new version has more teacher tools, more educational resources, and a new Budgeting Game to supercharge your classes!

PersonalFinanceLab.com Features

real-time trading

Real Time Trading

PersonalFinanceLab uses the same engine as the previous HawaiiSMS challenge - if you used us before, everything is right where you would expect it!

real-time trading

Simplified Trading Rules

We simplified the divisions and improved the prizes! Top teams win a pizza party for their class, plus Amazon gift cards!

real-time trading

New Budgeting Game!

In addition to the Stock Game, your students can take on the role of a college student with a part-time job, managing their finances for a simulated year as part of PersonalFinanceLab's Budgeting Game!

real-time trading

More Educational Resources!

Teachers now also get access to a huge library of lesson plans and Google Slides presentations they can use in their classes. We also packed the simulation with over 200 Personal Finance and Economics lessons for students!